Natalya Kaspersky

President, Infowatch
Head of the Information Security Working Group, « Digital Economy of the Russian Federation - 2024» program; Chairman of the Board, ARPP (Association of Software Developers). Born in Moscow in 1966, Natalya Kaspersky graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics with Diploma in Applied Mathematics. In 1997, Natalya, together with Eugene Kaspersky, founded Kaspersky Lab and became its CEO. Over 10 years of Natalya’s supervision, a Kaspersky Lab startup turned into a remarkable leader of global IT market boasting $500 million in revenue. In 2007, Natalya headed InfoWatch, which now dominates the Russian IT market, still actively develops in Russia and the CIS, and successfully enters the global arena. InfoWatch offers innovative and effective corporate data and enterprise protection against information leakage and the most pressing internal and external threats.