Olga Uskova

President, Cognitive Technologies
Olga Uskova, President and founder of Cognitive Technologies company. Head of NITU MISiS Advanced Computer Technologies Department CCI RF Chairman to information/communication technologies and technology transfer subcommittee Russian Ministry of Economic Development member of the Special Economic Tech-Innovative Zones Expert Council Member of the Public Expert Council for Analytical Center under the Government of Russian Federation Creative and Scientific Intelligence CIS Forum Co-Chairman for the Chamber of Science Board Chairman of the Russian Abstract Art Fund President of NAIRIT (The National Association of Innovations and IT development). A renowned businesswoman with a 25 year experience in IT, Olga Uskova is known as one of Russian IT visionaries. She was the one to facilitate the OEM agreement on OCR and ECM solutions between Cognitive Technologies and the world’s leading companies – HP, Canon, Epson, Xerox, Oki, IBM, Oracle, Samsung, Corel, Olivetti inc., etc. Olga Uskova had a major influence on largest IT state programs implementation, including “Electronic Russia” Federal program as well as “Elections” and “Justice” State automated systems and interstate CIS member states programs. “Cognitive Technologies” run by Uskova remains the investor of “Chernogolovka IT Park”, one of the largest projects devoted to IT parks construction. Russian electronic document management and information analytical processing IT-markets developed due to her proactive participation, as well as many state and regional automation projects. National Association of Innovation and Information Technology (NAIRIT), being one of the influential Russian public associations, emerged on her initiative. Uskova remains the President of NAIRIT since 2006. Uskova initiated a considerable amount of legislative activities within the framework of the State Duma Commission for the Development of Strategic Information Systems. The law on domestic IT developers’ support and high-tech products import substitution developed with her participation. She also initiated and sponsored draft law regulating the movement of unmanned vehicles on public roads on the territory of the Russian Federation. O. Uskova is the initiator of infrastructure projects in Russian robotic industry. She also took part in the creation of International Robotic Technology Centre along with experts from Cambridge University and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Cognitive Technologies has its own project aiming to create a fully autonomous driverless vehicle by 2022 – 2023 based on Cognitive Pilot intelligent platform. Olga Uskova also initiated the creation of autonomous transport systems in agriculture in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and “Rostselmash”. O.Uskova was named Autonomous person of the week by “Guidanotonoma” well known automotive internet portal.