Century of Energy. Towards Digital Markets

Century of Energy. Towards Digital Markets

In 2020, the Skolkovo project will turn 10 years old, but we will not disregard another anniversary - 100 years ago, the construction of our country's energy sector according to the GOELRO plan began. For a century, electricity has been considered a boon, a service that a consumer receives for a fixed price. The technological leap in green generation, energy storage, smart metering, network reliability, digital solutions provides a new opportunity for consumers, first industrial, now private.

The consumer himself can produce energy for his own needs, receive it in that volume and when necessary, be flexible in the choice of tariffs. Now the consumer can sell energy. The trend is that the consumer wants to pay a reasonable and understandable price for energy. The consumer got the tools and learned to count.

The big trend in digitalization, big data, and analysis algorithms in the energy sector is, first and foremost, the “transparency” industry. The tariff is set transparently for the consumer, the investment process and the real state of the assets of energy companies become transparent. It is easier for the consumer to calculate and choose a solar panel, or buy energy from a traditional hydrocarbon station, or buy "green" energy, which does not harm the environment, although more expensive.

Rethinking the whole model of relationships in the energy system is taking place in most global electricity markets. In the anniversary year, we will discuss the begun changes in technologies and business models with energy companies.


Konstantin Mikhailik
Deputy General Director for Digital Transformation, Rosseti
Evgeny Olkhovich
General manager, Enholding
Fabio Tentori
Head of Innovation Hubs, Enel


Oleg Dubnov
Vice President, Executive Director, Energy Efficiency Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation
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