New investment tools for growth

New investment tools for growth

Today in Russia, as well as around the world, such spheres as logistics, telecom, fintech, retail, e-sports are developing rapidly and actively attracting capital. So far, the number of venture deals in Russia is 5 times lower than in the leading countries - the USA and China. Nevertheless, the Russian venture investment market is actively developing, striving to reach the international level, and talented startups that are not found anywhere in the world are looking for their investors. At the same time, the founders with Russian roots, who once started their first projects in Russia, make billions of dollars in international markets.

  • What areas of investment to choose in tech sector?
  • How to expand the pipeline of Russian startups in order to invest more?
  • Is it possible to recognize the future unicorn and what tools will help with this?
  • How can a startup scale up in other countries and attract foreign investors?
  • What will happen to Russian venture in the near future?
  • How can international experience help us to create a working venture ecosystem?
  • How the pandemic situation has changed the investment environment? How startups are affected today?


Karen Brown
Founder & Managing Director, Bridge Arrow
United States
Alexander Galitskiy
Managing Partner, Almaz Capital
United States
Jon Medved
CEO, OurCrowd
Alexei Overchuk
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Government of the Russian Federation


Pekka Viljakainen
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Skolkovo Ventures
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