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Only in its third year and yet already a fixture on the European startup calendar Startup Village matches investors with innovators in an open-air festival of entrepreneurship. Held over two summer days (2-3d of June 2015) at the Skolkovo Hypercube, Startup Village incorporates lively debates, interactive startup exhibitions, and the startup pitch sessions.

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is a key initiative of the Skolkovo Foundation – a non-profit set up to create an ecosystem of innovation in Russia and integrate it into the global innovation process. Startup Village brings together startup communities from across Russia and neighboring countries.

  • Dmitry Medvedev Prime Minister

    «The Startup Village is held in an atmosphere that gets warmer by the year. Over these days, the Startup Village was attended by nearly 10,000 participants from 27 cities. This is very impressive indeed. We hope that all the startups will find their investors and begin operations.»

  • Nikolay Nikiforov Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation

    «Today we are at the Startup Village. We are ready to interact and collaborate. This is a fantastic opportunity that should be used to its full advantage.»

  • Dmitriy Petrov Professor of Biology at Stanford

    «I am impressed by the level of debate!»

  • Victor Vekselberg President of the Foundation “Skolkovo”

    «This is why the Startup Village was created: To help you get up and running, and successfully grow in the field of innovations.»

  • Eamonn Carey Huffington post, Journalist, investor and advisor

    «Startup Village – unusual, interesting and professional development that could help to understand how the company works, how they achieve success and how hard they worked and went from start-ups to large corporations»

  • Peter Vesterbacka Founder of Angry Birds game

    «Startup Village has done important work, bringing together startups from all over Russia, investors and corporate executives from many countries»

  • Alexander Galitskiy The founder of Almaz Capital partners

    «Ambitious and fun»

of the last year

Peter VesterbackaCo-founder, Rovio Mobile

Peter is the Mighty Eagle and Rovio's grandest brand ambassador. His energy is directed at taking Angry Birds to new and unexpected heights. Innovation is close to Peter’s heart as he works with Rovio’s world-class partners and acts as an evangelist for all of Rovio’s brands and products.

Yossi VardiBusiness angel, Israel

One of Israel's first high-tech entrepreneurs. For over 40 years he has founded and helped to build over 60 high-tech companies in a variety of fields, among them software, energy, Internet, mobile, electro-optics and water technology. Vardi is an early stage "angel". Since 1996 he has been active in founding young internet companies and internet startups. Vardi was selected by Wall Street Journal Europe for "Tech's Top 25", and won the TechCrunch Europe 2009 "Best investor personality" award.

Percy Tzelnik Senior Vice- President, EMC Fellow

Percy is head of Fast Data Converged Infrastructure Program in EMC corporation. Percy set up the network attached storage department, which goal is development of new products range for network attached storage market. Before joining EMC Percy was head of the network technologies group in Digital Equipment Corporation, worked as a Director for software development at Bytex, as a Director for operating systems VS at Wang Laboratories. Before that he was teaching computer science in two universities in USA and abroad. Lead researches in theoretical physics.

Saku TuominenFounder&CEO, Dreamdo

Saku founded Broadcasters, one of the most successful Finnish independent TV production companies in 1989. The company was sold twice, first to MTG and then to Zodiak Entertainment. In 2009-2010 Saku was the Chief Creative Officer of Zodiak Entertainment, the world’s 3rd largest TV production company in London. During his 20 years in television he has produced thousands of hours of programmes and created almost 100 tv formats. In 2009 Saku founded Idealist Group, a production company of ideas that has various activities ranging from digital media to the future of office work, from education to improving suburbs. He has been teaching creativity & innovation in more than a hundred companies around the world and he has also written 7 books: 3 about innovation, 2 about Italian cuisine, one about the future of office work and one about good life. As a hobby he has been writing rock criticism for over 20 years, is producing olive oil from Piantone olives in Le Marche, Italy and has won silver medal in old timers world championship in Ice Hockey in 2009 in Quebec City, Canada.

Artem R. Oganov Head of the design materials laboratory, State University of New York

World famous scientist in the area of Crystallography and new materials design. Author of more than 120 papers, 2 patent, 1 book, Forbes's ranked 6th most successful Russian scientist. Diploma in Crystallography, Moscow State University, PhD in Crystallography, University College London, Habilitation in Crystallography, ETH Zurich

Alessandro Curioni Department Head, IBM Fellow

Dr. Alessandro Curioni received his undergraduate degree in Theoretical Chemistry and his Ph.D. in Computational Material Science from Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy. He joined IBM Research - Zurich in 1998 as a Research Staff Member of the Computational Biochemistry and Materials Science Group. Since then he has been developing and applying advanced computational methods to the study of materials issues related to IBM core and exploratory technologies and to the investigation of important molecular processes in the field of Life Sciences. His current research interests are the development of simulation frameworks to investigate complex systems and the development of in silico science methods in general. Alessandro Curioni is an internationally renowned expert on high-performance computing and is active in the scale-out of Deep Computing applications on novel massively parallel computers such as BlueGene. Recently, he has expanded his research interests to include novel computing paradigms, such as neuromorphic and quantum computing.Since 2007, he has been manager of the IBM Research - Zurich Lab's Computational Sciences group and from 2012 to 2014, he was the head of the Mathematical and Computational Science department. He is currently head of the Cognitive Computing and Computational Sciences department. He has been a member of the IBM Academy of Technology since 2011 and became an IBM Fellow in April of 2014. He is recipient of the prestigious PRACE Award (2012) and Gordon Bell Prize (2013).

Natalya Kasperskaya Founder and CEO, InfoWatch Group of Companies. Co-founder, Kaspersky Lab.

Natalya is a co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, one of the world's largest antivirus companies, and CEO of InfoWatch Group of Companies, working in the sphere of information security. During her 10-year tenure at Kaspersky Lab Natalya turned a small group of enthusiasts into a world-class international IT company with annual revenues of hundreds millions USD. Natalya holds multiple awards in Russian and International Business and IT: • Bronze medalist of “Top-100 most influential Russian women in business” rating. • “Russian Business Leader of the Year 2012” award. • Leader of “Top-1000 highest Russian managers of 2013” in IT according to Kommersant leading Russian business daily and Association of Russian managers.

Haje Jan Kamps Founder, Triggertrap

Serial entrepreneur from Norway, moved to London (UK). Started one of the first ever websites about digital photography in Norway when he was 16 years old. It was quickly bought by a publisher, and the experience set the course for the rest of Haje's professional career. Author of books about photography, and is international best-selling author of photography books. Next, he traded in the pen for larger ideas, and founded Triggertrap ( in 2011, funding it with an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign. The most recent Triggertrap product was also Kickstarter-funded, raising nearly US$500,000 in under 30 days.

Kaushal Chokshi Founder, Scaale Group

Serial entrepreneur, investor and business man. Over the last three decades, Kaushal Chokshi has founded over 20 ventures across the USA, Europe and Asia with 3 successful exits and an IPO. In this context, back in 2006, Kaushal Chokshi sold all his companies to focus on his big project, Scaale Group, a Venture resource group dedicated to implement solutions for startups, SMB’s, Corporations and Governments through innovation, sales, capital and talent. Headquartered in San Francisco, Scaale Group comprises of 7 companies and a team of 300+ employees spread over 10 countries. Kaushal’s passion to understand the global context has brought him to do over 15 round world trips and to build teams across the globe.

Jeremiah Tesolin Brand guru

Jeremiah Tesolin specializes in brand design. He designs brands. He’s worked as Senior Art Director at Nokia where he helped the brand become the 6th most valuable brand in the world during 2005. He was Brand Development Manager at Finnish fashion and design house Marimekko where he expanded the company on an international level. He holds a Masters of Arts degree from the University of Arts and Design Helsinki and a degree in Industrial Design from Humber College Toronto, Canada, his home country. Currently Jeremiah is designing new brands in various industries and scales to be competitive on a global level from day one.

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